NANALEO, is the name I used to say to call myself when I was not yet 7 months old and I already wanted to talk.
A few years later I said that when I grew up I would be a stylist and I played with the famous game “turn fashion”.
And a few years later I enjoyed sewing clothes for dolls, learning from my grandmother who in the meantime was sewing clothes for me.
And a few years later, I discover the names of the angels and the one that protects those born on my day, is called NANA’E’EL, and it looks just so much like NANALEO.
This is how the story of the Angel and the little girl begins with the dream of clothes, respectful of nature and animals and the well-being of the wearer.
A few years later, the first collection of Nanaeel by Nanaaleo was born, presented for the first time to the public of Alta Roma Moda in 2011, which baptizes the birth of Clotherapy®:
only natural fabrics, dyed with vegetable and ecological dyes, healthy for the well-being of people, so that the dress is also a means of energy and psychophysical rebalancing, according to a technique created by the fashion designer Ivana Pantaleo, to satisfy the deepest needs of its customers . This is why the famous phrase of the philosopher Hegel accompanies her from the first collection “there is nothing deeper than what appears on the surface.” The dress is much more than a simple tinsel, it is a sign of who we are, but it also affects who we are.
Today NANALEO, in the critical times we are facing and even more so for this reason, continues to promote a vision of conscious fashion, still too immature in the minds of whom who buy, still too little known and little proposed, but which responds to the needs of necessity, not of the consumerism typical of the last decades, “fashionable” with fast fashion.
We begin to wonder what our clothes are made of, if besides being beautiful they can hurt us, and by whom they are made. Knowing the answers, perhaps our choices will change and we will be more careful about what we eat, what we breathe but also what we wear.

I believe in intuitions more than convictions,
I believe in change more than waiver,
I believe in love more than fear.
At the service of beauty and harmony.



è il nome con cui dicevo di chiamarmi quando avevo un anno di età, perché sia sempre vivo il bambino che è in ognuno di noi.


è il nome dell’Angelo custode che protegge i nati nel mio giorno. È a lui che devo quello che sto facendo, lui è la mia ispirazione.