All the collections Nanaleo follow the “all seasons” philosophy by Ivana Pantaleo where FW and SS no longer make sense in a world where “mid-seasons no longer exist, but telling the true, not even the seasons”, where temperatures change suddenly and considerably and travels lead us to vary the atmosphere within a few hours. Furthermore, with natural organic and eco fabrics, an essential prerogative for the designer Ivana Pantaleo, even the beliefs about purely summer or winter fabrics change course, and according to nature, being precisely those natural thermal fibers like wool and silk, always cruelty-free, are used in summer, while linen and hemp in winter, if we can still talk about seasons…


CLOTHERAPY® Nana’e’el by Nanaaleo

CLOTHERAPY® was the first collection presented to the public in 2011 by Ivana Pantaleo, as Nana’e’el by Nanaleo, the first completely organic and ecological fashion show in Italy, a combination of elegance and quality of natural fibers, linen, hemp, organic cotton, “not-violent” silk, as a concrete response to a fashion system that was still not very attentive to sustainability at the time. Fabrics considered useful only for casual fashion, and not even widely used as organic fabrics, become materials for high fashion and are transformed into formal dresses, wedding dresses but also for everyday elegance, to rediscover the taste of essentiality, of sobriety and beauty, also for every day and all occasions. Aromas of rose, vanilla, jasmine, myrrh and others to caress the senses of the wearer and at the same time enjoy the intrinsic characteristics of natural fibers and precious stones, also full of energy that influences us. The clothing revolution is not only in the creativity of design, but in imagining eco-sustainable solutions for a sector that is only second in the ranking of supply chain toxicity. Therefore, clothes that do not harm the wearer and those who produce them, but also clothes that become a means of energetic and psychophysical rebalancing, with all the innovation and potential of Ivana Pantaleo’s Clotherapy®.