All the collections Nanaleo follow the “all seasons” philosophy by Ivana Pantaleo where FW and SS no longer make sense in a world where “mid-seasons no longer exist, but telling the true, not even the seasons”, where temperatures change suddenly and considerably and travels lead us to vary the atmosphere within a few hours. Furthermore, with natural organic and eco fabrics, an essential prerogative for the designer Ivana Pantaleo, even the beliefs about purely summer or winter fabrics change course, and according to nature, being precisely those natural thermal fibers like wool and silk, always cruelty-free, are used in summer, while linen and hemp in winter, if we can still talk about seasons…



Talking about the colors of flags seems to be a current topic more than ever, where colors, in our imagination synonymous with life and harmony, in flags seem to separate rather than unite, even if often the states in conflict have colors in common. Seeing the main colors of flags mixed and crossed in the dresses that follow one another in a parade, one next to the other, alluding to different possible combinations, makes us dream that perhaps a harmonious meeting between states could be possible if red, for example, were always symbol of love and no blood spilled. Fashion goes beyond borders, colors, the same for all and recognized by all, are close in infinite possibilities of harmony.

At the service of beauty and harmony,